Winter Solstice FUN!

I am in an airport.  On my way home for the holidays.  Thanks for a sweet semester errrvryone.


Thomas K.

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To celebrate the end of Hanukkah!

So proud to be a jew.

Happy Holidays,


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So I just spent 10 minutes trying to put a video up of myself but failed.  So you’ll have to deal with printed word.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!!!

I love and miss you all.


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Check out the video that we showed the region advertising Minis 2011 at NYU! YAHOOOOOOO I’M SO EXCITED!

<3 Mobot

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Since Lizzy uploaded the inspirational video for her Halloween costume, I thought I would to the same. I was Phil Deville. Enjoy that ’90s nostalgia.

Sincerely your Bad Romance,


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Election Day!

As a politics major, the first Tuesday of November is one of my favorite days of the year!!  Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I hope you all come up to me tonight and let me spew useless political information at you.  See you all tonight!

Forever yours,

Thomas Kenneth White

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Hey internet world, it’s Lizzy, the vice president!

If you were curious about what my costume is this Halloween season… look no further than this video! If you enjoy it, check out Robin Sparkles less popular hit “Sandcastles in the Sand.”

I will also be “Twitter” this Halloween. How? I will be a sort of hipster twitter bird, and then wear a white t-shirt that will allow friends to write the trending topics of the night!

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Bonjour IRHC,

Je m’appelle Tommy.  I am just shooting off a quick update to say whats up?  I miss you all already and I just saw you.

So, the next few weeks are going to be very busy, but before that happens, I thought you may want to hear a story.

Once upon a time, in a far away land called Canandaigua, a young, strapping boy was just getting ready for his first day of Kindergarten.  He put on his new school clothes, grabbed his new back pack, filled with new and exciting materials for class, and boarded the bus, all while his parents and grandparents looked on and single, glistening tears dropped softly to the hard ground below.

As he pulled his left foot up into the bus, he turned around, almost in slow motion, and said to his family: “Thank you for everything.  I will miss you”  And then, with his head held high, he marched to the back of the bus, where all of the cool kids sit.

He found a spot, right in the back, and sat down, ready to take Canandaigua Primary School by storm.

Fast forward a few bus stops:  The young, handsome, and interesting boy looks up to the aisle to find a fifth grader towering over him.  The fifth grader (apparently not knowing to whom he was talking) scoffed at the newly minted kindergarten-er and said, “Hey kid, MOVE OVER!”

The young boy, with a face as cold as ice, stared the boy down and said, with nary a quiver in his voice, “No.  I’m Tommy White and I’m important.”

Then, as if he hadn’t heard the young boy, the fifth grader violently shoved the young man into the cold windows of the bus.  Smash.

Because dignity and respect was always on the young boy’s mind, he stood up, cried his eyes out, and told the bus driver, the teacher, and eventually his parents.  And yes, the unstable, horrible fifth grader DID get in trouble.

Take that.


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Our Daily Inspiration

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So it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with New Zealand superstar, Brooke Fraser. In fact, ever since her album Flags was released October 12th, I have not stopped listening to her. Since no one shares this love with me I thought I would share it with everyone else! Hope you enjoy!


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